The “Del Rey” Difference

Today’s real estate online world is exploding with websites that offer page after page of facts, figures, and fragments of data of what a property might sell for or be worth. As a consumer, all this data can be useful but also overwhelming. At the Del Rey Group, we believe that information is helpful but is far more effective when combined with our professional interpretation. Further, that our synergistic approach to your real estate needs is better served by our core values of service, relationships, and professionalism.

The Del Rey group is led by Pamela Del Rey. With over 35 years of local experience as an agent, broker, and property manager, Pam follows the mantra of her Father, Art, our founder. That being that the personal elements of any real estate deal are about listing to the needs of your client and tailoring the terms of the deal to those needs. Further to be that trusted advisor for all elements of the transaction before, during and after a deal is done.

Being a boutique family owned brokerage, we maintain that our team is more prepared to quickly react to changing markets and timing than larger corporate firms. With a principal involved in every deal, ensures our clients that each transaction matters.

Further evidence of how our unique team approach is different is the team members. Jim Leahy, GC, CCPM, is a local general contractor with over 35 years of experience in high end residential and commercial project over 300 million dollars. As a licensed real estate agent for 25 years, he provides a value to our clients in looking at what a home may need, how to change it and what it might cost. San Gabriel Valley born and bred, his knowledge base and connections to the community resulted in being named Arcadia’s Man of the year in 2015.

Tina Clarke, CID, is another member of the team that brings a unique skill set that benefits our clients. As an interior designer/general contractor, she assists in staging homes for sale. She also provides a very useful insight into your vision and execution of your dream home.

Be it selling or buying, your choice for representation for what may be the largest financial decision you may make in your life is vitally important. We believe our core values of service, relationship building combined with our dedicated professionals at Art Del Rey provides you the best opportunity to ensure a successful and meaningful transaction.